WATCH: Did Hillary Clinton Have Epileptic Seizure On Camera? (VIDEO)

Rumors swirl about Hillary’s heath after video appears to show her having an epileptic seizure

WASHINGTON – The internet is scratching it’s head after strange videos of Hillary Clinton surfaced online. Users of popular websites Reddit and 4chan after asking questions about Hillary Clinton’s health after she appears to have an epileptic seizure on camera. The video in question was recorded by NBC News in June.

It’s worth noting Hillary Clinton’s health has been on voter’s minds for awhile now. Hillary is frequently seen suffering from violent coughing fits on the campaign trail. Sometimes the violent coughing fits leave her unable to speak for minutes at a time.

Watch the two videos below showing both angles and decided for yourself. Did Hillary Clinton have a seizure? What do you think? Is Hillary Clinton healthy enough to be Commander-in-chief?

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Seizure? (Angle #1)

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Seizure? (Angle #2)

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