WATCH – DNC Email Leak Proves Trump Was Right in a BIG Way – Go Trump!!

Whether you appreciate Wikileaks or not, when they come out with a document dump, it is something worth taking notice of. This last document dump from the hacker group is one that puts the Democrat National Committee and the party favorite directly in the crosshairs.

As Democrats ready for the party’s national convention in Philadelphia this week, they do so in the face of a Wikileaks document dump of more than 19,000 emails sent to and from top DNC officials. As discussed on FNC’s Special Report, these emails expose that there was, in fact, a concerted effort by DNC leadership to compromise the candidacy of Bernie Sanders in preference to Hillary Clinton. The ramifications could be devastating.

Sanders supporters have – for the duration of the primary cycle – complained about the DNC favoring the Clinton candidacy over that of Bernie Sanders. It is the one of the two commonalities between the Sanders and Trump campaigns; the exposing of the system as rigged.

Special Report regular panelist Stephen Hayes said that based on the emails there is a clear pattern of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and other high-ranking DNC officials “thumbing the scales” in favor of Hillary Clinton. He indicated that the emails explained ways to “thwart” the campaign of former Democrat rival Bernie Sanders.

If this is in fact what the emails say, the exposure of these actions and intentions have the potential to not only dampen the support of Sanders supporters for Clinton, but facilitate their move to supporting someone many see as another “disrupter candidate” to Washington’s corruption, Donald Trump.

“What this would do is confirm what Bernie Sanders people think was already going on,” said Liberal pundit Kirstin Powers. “This was the accusation against Debbie Wasserman-Shultz for rigging the system in terms of the debates, setting them up so they wouldn’t get as much prime time coverage so she wouldn’t get attacked and he wouldn’t get much coverage.”

She agreed with fellow panelists that the revelation could very well reignite the anger Sanders supporters felt in the waning days of the Socialist Senator’s campaign.

Conservative pundit and FNC regular contributor, Monica Crowley, summed it up nicely:

“It also plays into something that Donald Trump said last night and also something that he’s been talking about on the campaign trail in his continuing appeal to Bernie Sanders voters – these disaffected voters who agree with him on bad trade deals, but also in the broader theme that the system is rigged. One of the things Trump kept talking about last night was that we are going to not only defeat her, but we’re going to defeat the corrupt rigged system.”

The Trump campaign could do real damage to the Clinton campaign by taking these leaked emails and showcasing them on media outlets and avenues frequented by Sanders supporters. Making the narrative about the DNC and Clinton conspiring to screw Bernie Sanders supporters – and the candidate himself – out of a legitimate opportunity to be heard would be a controllable disrupter that could either glean Trump votes or deny Clinton votes. Either way it is of benefit to Trump.

This election cycle, whichever candidate controls the narrative is going to be the winner. With all the ammunition Clinton and the DNC (and now Wikileaks) have given the Trump camp – and given that the Trump team knows how to exploit the media – this should result in a landslide for Donald Trump.

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