Watch – Donald Trump’s New Ad Could Make Him the Next President of the USA!

Well, it looks like I don’t have to rent a movie to watch for Sunday night because the latest Trump video is worth watching over and over and over again! His last one laid out Hillary Clinton, but this one fires a direct shot that should absolutely rock the Cruz campaign, especially in Arizona.

Trump unloads on Lyin’ Ted and turns him into Stuttering Ted, exposing his previous positions on Amnesty, saying, “Just another all talk, no action politician.”

The video shows a clip during a previous interview packed with double-talking by Cruz.

I am not sure if Cruz realizes it or not, but he has a distinctive tell when he is lying.

As a man who has played a LOT of poker in his day, I look for tells like this and pounce on them. Trump, having spent years overseeing his own poker rooms, can surely see the tell just as I have.

Lying Ted Cruz

LYIN' Ted Cruz is Pro Amnesty. Just another all talk, no action politician. #TrumpTrain #Trump2016

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Sunday, March 20, 2016

Whenever Cruz is caught, he gets a quick smirk on his face, stutters, and then tries to defend himself. When he is really dead, he will also look down and shake his head.

Cruz paints himself as a true conservative, one who fights against the establishment, but both his tells and his record say otherwise.

He is the worst kind of liar because he is trying to sell the people of this country one story while clearly doing something else. He makes outrageous promises we all know he will not be able to keep if he takes office.

The most insulting of all is the kool-aid he tries to sell after every primary. You can see in his eyes he does not believe what he is saying, but Lyin’ and Stuttering Ted just keeps on spewing.

Your time in this race is about to end Mr. Cruz… just accept it and get out of our way!

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