WATCH – Entire CNN Panel BURSTS Into Laughter When They Hear Hillary’s Excuse For THIS

CNN has established itself as the Clinton News Network, so to say I was shocked when I saw this is a massive understatement.

Even the biased panel could not keep straight faces when Tim Kaine tried to justify Hillary’s lack of press conferences by claiming talking to the press is the same thing as holding a formal press conference…

Kaine even looked like The Joker when he was saying it!

I can see the thoughts pouring through his brain with every word he says, “What have I gotten myself into?”

But, the fact the entire panel erupted I laughter only proves I am right about how awful of an excuse this is by Kaine for Hillary avoiding a formal press conference.

As of today, Hillary is at day 275 without holding one.

As the pundits surmised, we can probably expect at least one before the first debate is scheduled just so she can deflect the attack about her lack of transparency.

I actually expect her to hold one within days of the debate so she can literally say, “I just had one yesterday, when was your last press conference?”

The fact of the matter is Hillary is hiding from tough questions because she fears being called out in public.

Thus far, she has been able to do minimal interviews by friendly journalists.

Chris Wallace was the closest I have seen her come to a hard-hitting interview and while he asked the right questions, he let her off the hook each and every time.

The first debate is scheduled for September 26 and I can only hope the moderators give Trump a little leeway in going after her on actual issues.

I also hope the moderators of the debates, and the lineup is NOT Trump friendly, actually make Hillary answer questions rather than letting her spew non-answers and then gush over her.

Hillary needs to answer for a lot… and that time is coming soon!

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