Watch: Eric Trump Just Went On Fox News And Destroyed Hillary With 1 Truth Bomb She Will HATE

Eric Trump contrasted the success of his father’s campaign defeating many rivals versus Hillary Clinton’s struggle being able to put away one socialist.

Appearing on Fox and Friends Monday, the younger Trump said, Clinton “has 730 people working on her campaign staff. We have 70. She’s spent $180 million on her campaign so far and she hasn’t beat a single socialist. My father has knocked off 17 other people and he’s spent 50. I mean that’s the difference between a businessman and a politician.”

Eric expressed his belief that the Republican Party is coalescing around the Trump candidacy. “They’re also starting to get to know my father,” he said. “They’re starting to get to know the man that he is. He is an amazing guy, I say this all the time, and he will win this. Believe me. He will work harder than her. He will do whatever it takes to win this thing because the state of the country is really on the line. We could be putting four Supreme Court justices in the next term. That is the state of our country. Make no mistake about it, that is the state of our country.”

He added, “The ultimate goal is making sure Hillary does not get into office. That’s what all of us want, right? If she gets into office, it’s another four, eight years of the same nonsense we have right now.”

Trump has made a series of what appears to be politically astute moves in his effort to unite the Republican Party, since becoming its presumptive nominee.

He announced a list of candidates last week that he would consider to replace Supreme Court vacancies, which received high praise from conservatives. The candidate also released an ad earlier this week going after the one person that unites the GOP, Hillary Clinton.

Trump was also the beneficiary of an earlier than usual endorsement by the National Rifle Association.

Further buoying the billionaire’s candidacy, recent national polling shows him moving into a slight lead in the race.

h/t: Gateway Pundit

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