WATCH – Every Trump Fan Should See THIS Patriotic 9/11 Video Before It’s Taken Down

America changed forever 15 years ago today. When radical Islamic terrorist brought their war against religious freedom to our shores, the innocence of a nation was lost. Never again would be wake up in simply assume we were safe, immune from bloody carnage Christians in the Middle East and Europe face on a routine basis.

The patriotic 9/11 remembrance video takes us back to that very moment when our lives were shattered.

Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” song became our anthem of resistance.

The already popular and patriotic song took on a new meaning on September, 11, 2001.

Every American alive when JFK was assassinated can recall where he or she was and what they were doing when they heard the president had been shot.

Americans did not merely hear about the 9/11 attack, they watched the terrorism play out in real time in front of their very eyes – not once, not twice, but four times within less than two hours.

We were numbed, as a nation.

But that feeling soon evaporated.

We banded together as one and vowed not to let the terrorists win.

Skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political party, or any other dividing adjective you can think of, did not matter that day – or in the many weeks to come.

Sadly, career politicians have worked diligently to pit us against each other in the years since. The Liberal politically views on radical Islamic terrorism threatens us as much now as those planes filled with terrorists did 15 years ago today.

It is time to find a way back to one another, to the bounty of shared patriotism and determination we all felt while watching Americans hold hands and jump out of a burning building – falling to their death many, many stories below.

We cannot let America be destroyed on our watch.

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