WATCH – Every Trump Voter Should See THIS Patriotic 9/11 Video Before It’s Taken Down

The United States of America is turning 240 years old this week. The “American experiment” began when a group of farmers, shop clerks, blacksmiths, and other general folk, stood up to the largest and most well-trained army on the planet and demanded freedom.

America has changed a lot during the past 240 years. Many believe we are at a tipping point – one which could bring about the second Revolutionary War.

As we all gather to celebrate the Fourth of July, we should pause and reflect upon the amazing and selfless efforts it took to give birth to and sustain this great nation – and what it will take to keep her free and the Constitution alive for another 240 years.

The Lee Greenwood song, “God Bless the USA” became the nation’s rallying cry after the first terror attack on American soil on September 11, 2001.

The song was played over and over again as we wiped tears from our eyes and watched the tragedy unfold on our television screens.

Even as the tear stains still laid damp on our faces, a swelling of intense and renewed patriotism occurred – ultimately being accompanied by a deep determination to punish those possible.

The raw emotion sparked by those images and videos bubbles to the surface not just on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, but each and every time America (and Americans) become a target and our very way of life appears threatened both from within and by foreign entities.

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