WATCH – Famous General Warns Hillary is ‘Mentally Unfit’ to be President, It’s Terrifying

It has truly been interesting to watch the drama unfold within the Hillary Clinton campaign. While it might be good for those who enjoy the soaps, you and I both know it’s not a wise idea for the Oval Office. Now, a famous military official is in agreement.

U.S. General Michael Flynn believes Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President and Commander-in-Chief.

One of the main reasons for Flynn’s solid viewpoint would be because he feels it is Hillary – and not her opponent Donald Trump – who is actually the one temperamentally unfit for the highest office in the land.

Clinton’s reaction during the Commander-in-Chief town hall to a tough question from a man with a security clearance was pretty telling. She not only lied, but her face grew a bit red and she appeared to be struggling to keep her cool.

In a cold, raised voice she talked down to the man and explained her standard line that hundreds of people used her system and that they were not marked at the time. She also claimed there was a “wholly separate system” to the man as well.

If that had been the lone instance where she struggled to keep her composure it would have been enough, but during a video message she seemed visibly angry and asked “why aren’t I 50 points ahead of Donald Trump?”

The answer to that question is a number of reasons besides her angry outbursts. First of all, the American electorate doesn’t like to be lied to, and her “honest and trustworthy” numbers still remain in the cellar.

Second, one of the cardinal rules is not to offend a portion of the electorate, which is something Clinton clearly did with her “basket of deplorables” diatribe.

Finally, the lack of transparency also conflicts when it comes to her obvious health problems, as indicated from her numerous falling episodes and the instance where she had an apparent seizure and an unidentified black man came up and said “keep talking” as well as seemingly injecting her with something.

All of these instances are precisely what lead such important people as General Michael Flynn and many others to believe that the woman shouldn’t be anywhere near the Oval Office.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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