WATCH – FBI Director ADMITS Unthinkable About Hillary, He’s TOAST

We knew there was an attempt to cover up Hilary Clinton’s criminal activity from the very beginning. She and her husband are masters at covering their tracks even if they get a little too close to the fire from time to time. Now comes evidence the FBI knew there was a cover-up being executed by the Clinton team to shield the Democrat presidential nominee from indictment.

In testimony before Congress posted on social media, FBI Director James Comey, under questioning from US Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), admitted a top Clinton aid not only deleted emails Congress had officially requested, but he then tried to cover his tracks while looking for advice on how to do it. The admission adds further mystery as to why not a single person has been charged with at least obstruction of justice.

While the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign are doing their best to downplay Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information and her attempt to cover up her illegal actions, the country remains wanting of answers and accountability. FBI Director Comey has now denied justice to the American people twice.

The issue of Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information is relevant to the presidential race because it is tantamount to a self-testimony to either her obvious disdain for the law or her incompetence in an official capacity. While one may be forgivable, the other is not, but both disqualify her from holding the office of the president.

During heated testimony before the House Oversight Committee, Comey finally admitted to a cover-up and then an attempt to cover-up the cover-up. Both illegal actions revolved around one fact: Hillary Clinton had people deleting her emails despite Congress demanding they be turned over.

Jordan extracted the information from Comey during his testimony. He walked Comey through a timeline of events, emails, and social media posts that proved beyond doubt that one of Clinton’s IT experts had tried to delete crucial emails that were ordered to be saved by Congress.

Jordan was referring to Paul Combetta, one of many Clinton confidants who received immunity from the Department of Justice for his interviews with the FBI. Combetta, in his testimony before Congress, repeatedly instituted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Combetta not only deleted emails that had been requested via subpoena by Congress, but upon being found seeking advice online, he began deleting those posts. Combetta had taken to the social media boards on Reddit, posting that he needed help deleting the emails of a “Very VIP.” This very VIP was presumably Hillary Clinton.

In discussing the cover-up of the cover-up, Jordan first got Comey to admit the “Very VIP” in question was in fact Hillary Clinton. When asked if Combetta was likely referring to Clinton, Comey responded, “Yes, sure.”

Jordan then pointed out that Combetta’s actions, when understood in context of a timeline that first had Congress and the State Department agreeing on a forfeiture of the emails, then had senior Clinton aide Cheryl Mills conversing with Combetta, and then had Combetta seeking advice on and deleting the emails, were compelling in the context of the commission of a crime.

This is when Comey made this startling admission: “There is no doubt that Combetta was involved in deleting emails.”

We now have the director of the FBI admitting that not only did the deletion of emails come after a conversation between Mills and Combetta, but that Combetta engaged in destroying material evidence in a congressional and FBI investigation. The latter has a sentence that can reach ten years in federal prison.

However, Comey said he has no intention of reopening the investigation even in light of facts that prove crime upon crime being committed by Clinton and her cronies.

The idea of “justice for all” is dead in America.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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