WATCH – FBI Director Breaks Down During Questioning, Makes STUNNING Confession

Georgia Republican Doug Collins grilled FBI Director James Comey on Wednesday over the Hillary Clinton email and her resulting lack of qualification she has for the Oval Office. He ultimately offered a prayer for the American people if we have the misfortune of electing her and then he actually got Comey to make a rather stunning admission.

Collins made a statement that Comey blew it, and the FBI director seemed to lose his temper and said, “this case was investigated by a group of professionals, so if I blew it, they blew it too.” 

The career yes-man Comey than retorted, “No one hid behind anything!”

“I don’t think you ever said they couldn’t blow it. They blew it,” Collins fired back.

“Do you honestly believe that a lady, a woman of vast intelligence who was a first lady of the United States, who was a senator — who was a secretary of state — do you believe that in this case honestly, that she wasn’t grossly negligent or criminal in her acts?” Collins asked Comey, which is what precipitated his above protest.

Although Comey tried to make light of the situation by saying he “doesn’t believe anyone other than his wife,” he continues to hold to the fact that the allegations against Hillary Clinton regarding her private server could not be proven.

The biggest problem with this exchange would be in the fact that now many FBI agents and others with a security clearance are using the “Clinton defense” where they claim they just “accidentally” mishandled classified information.

However, this is just another example that these people are still totally divorced from reality.

The fact remains that Hillary Clinton will ruin this country if she is allowed to become president.

Her criminal negligence will continue at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and Collins believes just like what you and I believe: God help us all if she is elected President of the United States.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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