WATCH – FBI Insiders Issue MAJOR Threat to Comey – ‘Indict Hillary, Or We Will….

Lately, it seems as though every time we turn around Comey is being called before the oversight committee. And he is not exactly impressing anyone.

The son of former President Reagan, Michael, said his sources have told him the agents in the FBI are not exactly happy with what is going on and many are threatening to turn in their resignations if the cover up continues…

Reagan further stated, “I think many have lost faith in James Comey and his career, for all intents and purposes, he’s put a bad or black mark on it.”

Further proof of the demise of our FBI right before our eyes was Trey Gowdy’s rant about this not being the FBI he has worked with for years.

With agents allegedly threatening to quit and a director telling Congress and America to take his word rather than providing proof or actually indicting criminals, I would have to agree with Gowdy.

The fact the cover up is so blatant should tell the American people something.

If Reagan is correct, men and women that have devoted their lives to law enforcement and serving this country are about to walk away from everything because they believe the very organization they serve is corrupt.

Comey has not helped his case, either.

Go back to his initial announcement where he laid out what everyone thought was a substantial case against Hillary and then said they did not have enough evidence to indict!

There were attorneys all across the country stating they would kill for such a mountain of evidence as a prosecutor!

The branches of our government were meant to remain separate for a reason: they should not be influencing each other.

However, today, the Judicial Branch seems to be very political and protecting Hillary rather than doing its job.

Comey, who was once arguably one of the most respected law enforcement officers in this country now almost seems like a buffoon.

He is clearly making decisions based on his loyalties rather than the law.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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