WATCH – FBI Leader Spills the Beans, Admits Massive Hillary Criminal Cover-Up

The director of the FBI just admitted something that makes the investigation into Hillary Clinton look even more tainted and biased. The shocking revelations call into question the integrity of both the federal law enforcement agency and the Justice Department.

FBI Director James Comey admitted the Paul Combetta Reddit comments, now deleted, were posted by Hillary’s top staffer, whom the agency granted immunity to during the investigation, according to Ohio Representative Jim Jordan.

As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, Paul Combetta, Clinton’s IT guy, asked Reddit users for tips on how to delete emails from a server.

Combetta said he needed to thoroughly and permanently delete the emails of a “VIP.”

According to Jordan’s comments, James Comey confirmed the VIP noted in the Reddit posts, which also mentioned BleachBit, was indeed Hillary Clinton.

“One of those individuals who got immunity and then took the 5th in front of CongressPaul Combetta, was actually caught last week going online and trying to delete his Reddit posts. Posts where he talked about a very VIP person who didn’t want his email address exposed, right? That person is obviously Secretary Clinton. In fact, Director Comey admitted today that that Reddit post back in 2014, that VIP he was referring to was Secretary Clinton. And they wanted to make sure this email address didn’t go public. The ‘they’ in that Reddit post I am convinced is Cheryl Mills,” Jim Jordan said.

And the FBI still thought it was a good idea to grant Combetta immunity?

The immunity deal freed Combetta from worries about prosecution and apparently allowed him to reveal his quest to delete emails for Hillary.

So, why wasn’t she prosecuted?

The FBI had all the ammo it needed to get the job done but still chose to let Hillary off the hook.

The House Oversight Committee is now looking into the Reddit post by Paul Combetta. He has refused to show up to testify before Congress, but he could soon be forced to do so or face jail time. Subpoenas are not optional, not even if you work for Hillary Clinton.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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