WATCH: Filmmaker Held Up ‘I Heart Trump’ Sign At The DNC, Then Filmed The Abuse He Received

Filmmaker and political satirist, Ami Horowitz recently released a video showing the difference in the treatment he received when he attended the RNC versus how he was treated at the DNC.

In Cleveland for the RNC, Horowitz held up an “I love Hillary” sign and the reaction from convention attendees was both civil and light hearted. One person joked with him that he was in the wrong city, while another person told him “God loves you anyway.”

Fast forward to Horowitz’s arrival to Philadelphia, home of the 2016 DNC: While holding up an “I love Trump” sign, he was spit on, cursed at and surrounded by a mob of people who told him he was racist.

The media wants Trump to apologize for everything…will they call on the DNC or Hillary to denounce the actions of the Democrats in this video?

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