WATCH – Flooded Louisiana Residents Have The PERFECT Nickname For Hillary, It’s BRUTAL

The state of Louisiana is a proud state known for its unique culture. If you do them right, they will remember it and treat you accordingly; but if you do them wrong or treat them like a second-class citizen of the Union, they will remember that as well. In that vein, they have a new name for Hillary Clinton.

“No show Hillary, that’s what we call her,” State Senate Candidate Rob Maness said.

He was essentially discussing the fact that Donald Trump appeared and then even Barack Obama later followed suit.

However, Hillary did not even show up. No, she couldn’t be bothered to care about the plight of those who suffered under the “storm with no name” or the “hurricane without wind.”

“She didn’t even call it in,” a disgusted Maness commented further.

While the television pundits are busy condemning the conservatism of Breitbart News, and calling them racist, there is definitely a touch of irony present.

You see, along with Trump and Obama, this very organization visited the ravaged flood regions. Here is what they described:

“Most noteworthy, when travelling through affected areas like Walker, was the putrid smell created by a mix of sewage, rain water, drywall, and dust. While what we saw looked like a scene from a disaster movie, the smell resembled nothing we had ever experienced in a first world country. In amongst all of that, residents and helpers continued to work to remove damaged items, strip out homes, and plan to rebuild their lives from the ground up,” Breitbart News reported.

Considering that Louisiana has a large African American population, the question then would be this: who is the racist one in this situation?

Is Donald Trump racist, like Hillary Clinton so adamantly claims? Is Breitbart News? Or could it be possible that Hillary Clinton has been the racist one all along?

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