WATCH – Fox Business Exposes NASTY Debate Conspiracy to Hurt Trump, This is SICK

Growing up, I had a grandmother who refused to vote. I always wondered why, so one day I asked her. “They’re going to put in who they want anyway,” came her reply. As Donald Trump continues to take on the system, he is learning the truth in my grandmother’s words the hard way.

Fox Business Network reporters accused cameramen of deliberately changing the natural orange hue of Donald Trump’s face to an unnatural blue in an attempt to make him look sick. These members of the “press” will do anything to make Hillary Clinton look good and Donald Trump look bad, that is for sure.

Trish Regan is one individual who has never minced words. This time, it was on her to keep the corrupt individuals in the Democrat party honest: “The other thing we should mention is that in a control room, they have the ability to adjust the color of the shot,” she said. An innocent explanation would be that they were simply trying to make him look better, but when his opponent is someone as corrupt as Hillary Clinton, everything is suspect.

Regan did attempt to give the crew the benefit of the doubt, but considering the recent revelations, some might have a difficult time swallowing the explanation. The Wikleaks emails would lead some to believe this is just the thing some would try.

Regan said the control room “overcompensated” when they changed the color. Although it could have been an honest mistake, the fact Clinton has had health concerns would lead many to believe her campaign is attempting to even the playing field.

“You could tell there was a difference in his shot versus hers, and frankly it did not complement him,” Regan concluded. There is, of course, one major question to consider here: will it sway a few voters? The answer to that question is probably a small handful who have not been keeping track of the election.

This is symptomatic of another major overriding theme, however. We have in the current incarnation of the Democrat party a group of individuals with extreme far-left ideals. Although they wouldn’t engage in a “beer-hall putsch” like the Germans did, they are adept at changing the elections and establishing control.

Cheating is truly their middle name. Ninety percent of the press is liberal, so they are going to keep their party in power. Doing camera tricks to make Donald Trump look bad is not something we should put past these people.

While it would be easy to make like my grandmother did and get apathetic, we as a county cannot afford to do that. We must fight to bring about societal change, and we must realize that if we continue to demand integrity, the revolution will begin. The ideals of the Founding Fathers will once again rule the day, but it starts with us.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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