Watch: Fox News Host Just Asked Immigration Activist 1 Question That Immediately Makes Sparks FLY

Coming in the wake of comments from two Texas valedictorians — one of whom has a full scholarship to Yale — that they are in America illegally, one Fox News host questioned the fairness of the system.

“We can’t debate the fact that they are here illegally,” Tucker Carlson said on Saturday’s Fox and Friends Weekend. He asked immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas whether it was fair that children in the country illegally gain scholarships sought after by American students.

“Don’t you think that an American citizen who has children trying to get into schools might say ‘Wait a second, why is someone who is an illegal alien getting a scholarship and not my child?’” Carlson asked.

“That’s not bigotry. That’s not hatred. That’s a real question,” he said.

In reacting to a speech by Mayte Lara Ibarra, who will be getting a full tuition scholarship at the University of Texas, Vargas had said speeches like those of the two valedictorians were part of an effort by illegal immigrants to be very public about their status.

“Being undocumented is part of her identity, as is being a Latina,” he said Thursday. “For many undocumented people, this is our way of telling people that we are not who people think we are.”

“This young woman is not taking somebody else’s spot,” he said. “She’s not getting special treatment. She is getting that because she graduated as valedictorian.”

Larissa Martinez, also a valedictorian who is in the country illegally, is heading to Yale on a full scholarship.

h/t: Fox News

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