Watch: Fox News Host Just Blew The Lid Off The REAL Problem With Hillary, Americans Need To See…

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson believes presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton hates Americans. And here’s why. He said, “So the argument against her (Hillary Clinton) is she’s corrupt. Everyone knows that.” That belief is shared by her opponent Donald Trump, who refers to her now as “Crooked Hillary.”

Carlson offered a suggestion for Trump to take a different approach.

“Here’s the real argument against Hillary. She has contempt for you,” Carlson said. And if you take Clinton at her word, she’s proud of the fact she’s made enemies of the Republicans and the NRA, among others. But Republicans aren’t just the leaders in Congress, they’re also representative of about half of the country who also identify as Republicans.

“If you vote in a way she doesn’t like, she’s happy to see some judge overturn it. She wants to completely change the composition of the country and she wants you to change your behavior,” Carlson said, referencing Clinton’s planned continuance of Obama’s refugee resettlement program which is importing mainly Muslim immigrants from war-torn areas of the Middle East.

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