Watch: Fox News Host Just Came Forward With Game-Changing Hillary Announcement, Stuns Viewers

While the mainstream media appears to be focusing on Donald Trump’s comments to a Muslim-American gold star family who lost their son in the war, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson attempted to frame the larger, broader issues Americans will be facing if Hillary Clinton gets elected.

Carlson told the hosts of Fox and Friends Monday, “This is a pivot point in American history.”

Carlson said while “everyone is focused on her deficits as a person. The truth is it’s her policies.”

Carlson detailed her planned policies. “She’s going to open the borders,” he said, pointing to Clinton’s intention to continue President Barack Obama’s large-scale force on the states for resettlement of hundreds of thousands of refugees from war-torn areas of the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Carlson also pointed out the concern with who Clinton would nominate as a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Anonin Scalia, and others who may pass away or resign, saying Clinton is going to “pack the Supreme Court and you are not going to have the same country.”

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