WATCH – Fox News Just Exposed Hillary’s Illegal Voter Scheme to RIG the Election!

Hillary Clinton and all liberals by extension can no longer claim they are not soft on illegal immigration simply because they want to create millions of new Democrat voters. The shocking report by Fox News reveals the hush-hush plan by Hillary’s campaign to round up illegal aliens—not to deport them but to help take down Donald Trump.

Illegal immigrants, or “Dreamers,” are reportedly being sought by Hillary Clinton to help with a massive voter registration drive. This is not a normal get out the vote effort folks—the former First Lady is using the illegals to find folks who will be sympathetic about the deportation they fear will be enforced by federal law after Donald Trump is elected.

Hillary has dubbed her illegal immigrant voter registration drive: “Mi Sueño, Tu Voto/My Dream, Your Vote.”

Her campaign announced the drive on Sunday, which was the fourth anniversary of Barack Obama’s circumventing of federal law to enact his Dreamers program.

There are currently about 730,000 Dreamers living in the United States.

Because the young people were brought to America as children by their parents, they are not legally allowed to vote.

The Obama Administration has absolutely no way to disprove claims of being a Dreamer by anyone who claims to have been in the country for years as the program demands.

A 20-year-old man could walk across the border today and claim he has been here since he was a young child, but his parents did not send him to school for fear of being deported.

Despite the best efforts of liberals, Donald Trump is gaining traction in the Hispanic community.

Hispanic Americans, like most Americans, are not single issue voters—they care about far more than the legal status of others who jumped the line instead of going through proper channels as either themselves, their loved ones, or their peers did.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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