WATCH: Gary Johnson Can’t Name a Single World Leader; ‘I’m Having an Aleppo Moment’

Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson pulled a Sarah Palin at an MSNBC town hall Wednesday, struggling to name a single world leader.

Asked by host Chris Matthews who his “favorite leader” is, a perplexed Johnson asked, “Who’s my favorite?”

“Name one foreign leader that you respect,” Matthews said. “Anybody.”

“Mine is Shimon Peres,” running mate Bill Weld interjected.

“I’m talking about living,” Matthews said as Johnson continued to mull it over.

“You gotta do this, any continent,” Matthews urged as Johnson sat with a blank face.

“I guess I’m having an Aleppo moment in the former president president of Mexico,” Johnson finally said.

“Anybody in the world you like,” Matthews pressed. “Anybody! Pick any leader!”

“The former president of Mexico,” Johnson replied.

“Which one?” Matthews asked.

“I’m having a brain freeze,” Johnson admitted.

“Fox!” Weld mercifully interrupted, though neither could still remember his first name.


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