WATCH – Geraldo Says Illegals Aren’t Criminals,’ Bill O’Reilly Makes Him EAT HIS WORDS

Geraldo Rivera was in a heated argument with Bill O’Reilly and made the mistake of telling O’Reilly that he didn’t think illegal aliens are criminals.

Needless to say, O’Reilly basically cleaned his clock regarding this issue. O’Reilly said “I want the law enforced and you don’t!” 

A criminal is defined quite simply in the dictionary, as “someone who has committed a crime.”

Although it is not politically correct to call an illegal alien a criminal, they are breaking the law when they illegally step over our border. So, if not a criminal, what do you call them?

At the heart of the argument is the fact that liberals who want to accept illegal immigrants with open arms do not want the law to be enforced. They can’t change the law to allow anyone into the country, so they simply decide to ignore the law.

Illegal immigration is a key issue for Democrats only because they want votes. An analysis of the current voting map, for 2016, shows that most of the blue flecks in the sea of red are in and around sanctuary cities. Liberals such as Geraldo see no problem with this.

Because illegal immigration is such a contentious issue, Liberals will pursue an ad hominem argument against with anyone who dares to attempt to address this problem. It happened time and again with Donald Trump. He told a standing-room only crowd that Mexico was not “sending us their best” and immediately was called a racist.

They want more and more sanctuary cities to pop up. There, illegals can go without fear of being deported. There is one small problem with their logic, however.

It doesn’t work. The crime rate is noticeably higher in sanctuary cities such as San Francisco, and they have led to some pretty tragic events. One of these was Kate Steinle, who was killed by an illegal immigrant while simply minding her own business on the Embarcadero in that town.

It’s not racist, it is common sense. Illegal immigrants who commit crimes should be deported. They don’t belong here, even though liberals such as Geraldo might adamantly claim they do.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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