Watch: Geraldo Says Something So Shocking Off-Camera Hannity Warns Him – ‘Your Mic Is Hot!’

Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera, who in February labeled Vermont Sen. Bernie Sander as a “fringe candidate,” added another jab at the Democratic presidential candidate Tuesday night.

“He’s so annoying. This guy is so annoying,” Rivera said as Sanders appeared before Oregon supporters to acknowledge his victory over Hillary Clinton in West Virginia’s Democratic primary.

“Your mic is hot!” interjected Fox News host Sean Hannity. “What are you saying?”

“That he’s so annoying,” replied Rivera, seemingly unabashed by his comment. “And people that think that his supporters go to Donald Trump are smoking dope.”

Not everyone on the show agreed with that latter assessment.

“One of the most important things coming out of tonight, Sean, is not who won West Virginia, not who won Nebraska, the most important thing for me that came out of tonight is that exit polling shows that 43 percent of Bernie Sanders voters would vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton,” noted reporter Eric Bolling.

West Virginia has an open primary system, which means registered voters could cast ballots in either major party’s contest.

“That’s a massive number,” Bolling added. “There’s an opportunity for Donald Trump to take Bernie Sanders voters.”

Other commentators had a different explanation.

“Mischievous Trump supporters in WV?” tweeted MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki, who added, “9% of Clinton voters would back Trump over her. 39% of Sanders voters would back Trump over *Sanders*”

h/t: TheBlaze

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