WATCH – Giuliani NAILS IT on Islamic Terrorism In New Trump Ad That Will WIN the Election!

Rudy Giuliani explained, like no one else could, exactly why we NEED Donald Trump in the White House and engaged in the fight against the Muslim extremists, who have vowed to kill us and are already engaging in such a battle inside our porous borders. After eight years of Barack Obama, the terrorists view America as weak—we cannot survive another four years of his policies.

“American leadership impacts the entire world, but our weak leadership for the past seven years has failed us,” said former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the viral new Donald Trump ad.

Giuliani went on to accurately note there have been five significant radical Islamic terror attacks in the past seven months.

Terror attacks are not only on the rise around the world—more and more “lone wolf” attacks are now happening on American soil.

The former mayor spoke the truth quite bluntly again in the viral video when he pointed to Hillary’s “experience” in dealing with terrorism and world affairs, stating the former First Lady was “not fit to lead” the United States of America.

Clinton’s failed policies go far beyond the horrific and preventable carnage in Benghazi, where four brave Americans died and far more were injured and abandoned.

Unlike Donald Trump, Hillary has never worked in the real world and therefore has zero understanding of how devastating of an impact the TPP deal and similarly poor trade deals could have on the workers and American businesses.

“We face many challenges in the world, but nothing is more critical than the display of strong leadership by America and an unwavering resolve to defeat terrorism,” Rudy Giuliani continued in the ad.

If a third Obama term is forced upon us, the threat of radical Islamic terrorism will not be taken seriously—or labeled as exactly what it is.

ISIS and similar extremist Muslim groups have declared war on America. We need and deserve a president who understands that reality and will put us first when vowing to eradicate radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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