WATCH – GOP Destroys Hillary With New ‘Benghazi’ Ad, Every Voter Should See It!

For every scandal Hillary has, more and more people are coming out to confirm that these scandals are not right wing conspiracy. One of the most damning of all… Benghazi.

Every time a widow or survivor takes the microphone, Hillary’s approval ratings take another hit, and now the GOP has added more fuel to the fire with this incredible and dramatic video ad…

I honestly don’t know if Hillary will ever be able to live down the now infamous “3am phone call.”

This one ad emphasizes so many of her shortcomings with its subtleness… and it could be a death blow to Hillary.

First, the obvious is her lack of action in Benghazi.

Between her indecision and lack of accessibility, how can anyone have any faith in her handling a military emergency?

Second, it brings to light her health.

There will be more than a few middle of the night phone calls for the next President, and that phone needs to be picked up.

Hillary has already missed one call, which is one too many.

How can we expect her to roll over and answer the next call when she can barely stay on her feet now?

Finally, her honesty.

As the video points out, the actual story Hillary is spinning for this incident continues to change to this day.

Americans want and deserve an honest president, something she has proven to be anything but.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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