WATCH: GOP Official Denounces Trump, Latino Trump Fan Walks Up & Humiliates Her

When the Anaheim City Council in California met last week to discuss a resolution by councilwoman and GOP official Kris Murray to denounce Republican front-runner Donald Trump over his alleged racism, a very bright young legal immigrant from Mexico briefly took the floor to send her a potent message.

“I am 24 years old, my parents came here from Mexico in the early-1980s and I am a Trump supporter,” the man announced. “I am not offended by Donald Trump’s statements. He has said nothing racist or disparaging about Latinos.”

He went on to slam Murray for her “obsession with political correctness” and desire to protect minorities from “alleged hate speech and bigotry.”

“I am deeply offended by your campaign, since you subscribe to the liberal narrative that minorities need to be cuddled and protected by the government — as if we are incapable of looking out for ourselves, as if we are weak and thin-skinned, as if we are children,” he argued.

The man then expressed shock at having learned that Murray is a Republican, given how much she sounds like a liberal.

“The problem with liberals is that they lay claim to helping minorities, but rarely help them,” he continued. “Liberals are always full of good motives, but support legislation and policy that harms, not helps, minorities. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Last but not least, he pivoted his speech to Murray’s motivations for proposing the anti-Trump bill, suggesting that perhaps she wanted “to save face to tourists who spend a fortune while visiting Anaheim.”

“You fear that these tourists might think you support Donald Trump because you are a Republican, so you make the egotistical campaign to denounce him in order to protect yourself, and your council, from future charges of racism, misogyny, and Islamophobia,” he claimed.

Yet what has she personally done to benefit minorities? Probably not much.

“Ms. Murray, you don’t care about Latinos and minorities,” the young immigrant concluded. “Stop lying! Stop race-baiting! And stop trying to destroy America Again! Thank you.”

This young immigrant wasn’t along in taking a stand.

“I was appalled by your resolution,” another speaker, Yolanda Lopez, told Murray, according to the Orange County Register. “You want to take our constitutional right away from us? I think all of you should be worried about Anaheim.”

After more than five hours of public comment in front of a packed house, the resolution was shelved, the Register reported.

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