WATCH – Greta Issues URGENT Plea to Every God-Fearing American, Please Watch

When FOX News couldn’t reach accommodations to retain Greta Van Susteren in their primetime fold, it lost one of the more educated and sincere voices on the network. Always fact-based and poignant, she offered a program that informed even as it made you think.

However, her departure from FOX didn’t silence the former prosecutor and Wisconsin native. On the 15th anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001, she issued a statement—a question to all of us on her Facebook page. As she lamented her personal recollection of that fateful day, Van Susteren asked a necessary question, “What happened to us?”

It seems as though the binding events of September 11th are, at this point, a lifetime away, even as the memories of that day exist seared into our collective memories. That “lifetime” has seen our nation change, and many would say not for the better.

“In the days after 9/11, we all pledged a deep friendship to each other. First responders were risking their lives inspiring each one of us with their courage. It was so inspiring that we wanted to stand together – all of us. We were all Americans.”

This is an inarguably true statement. In the aftermath of the attacks – and even during – complete strangers were helping others, some even risking their own lives to come to the aid of people pleading for help.

In the days after the attack, neighbors identified as countrymen, as Americans, and not as Balkanized factions of hyphenated Americans. We stood united, resolute, and determined to rebuild and hunt down those responsible so as to extract justice for our nation.

Over the last nine years, however, ever since progressives mounted a campaign to elect the most divisive president our country has ever known, Barack Obama, our nation has fractured.

“Now, it’s like we are at each other’s throats,” Van Susteren said. “Sure, politics is a contact sport. But there’s a big difference between a robust debate about political differences – that’s really good for democracy — than trying to destroy each other. And let’s face it: This 2016 race is not bringing out the best in us.”

Today, a false narrative of “systemic racism” is affecting every aspect of our lives. We can’t even go to football games without some socially engineered malcontent trying to stuff his falsely-based politics down our throats.

And we are forced to accept a reality that saw both a Socialist vie for a major political party nomination and a lying, thieving progressive just one election away from fully transforming the United States from a republic to a Socialist democracy.

It is a valid question Van Susteren asks. What has happened to us? A larger question – one we actually have control in answering – is what are we going to do about it?

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