WATCH: Greta Just Tore Obama Limb From Limb, Exposes TRUTH About What He Did With Just 4 Words

In order to believe President Obama’s contention that $400 million paid to Iran at the same time Iran released four American hostages was not a ransom, it takes belief in the unbelievable, legal expert Greta Van Susteren said Thursday on Fox News’ America’s Election HQ.

Does Susteren think the payment was ransom?

“Of course it was,” she said firmly.

In order to believe the the cash flown to Iran under a shroud of secrecy was not ransom, she said, “you must believe this: that in Iran, the Iranians woke up one morning and thought, ‘Let’s just release the Americans. Let’s release them.’”

Van Susteren ridiculed that concept.

“I mean, of course it was a quid pro quo. It was a ransom,” she said, later adding that it is impossible to believe that “all of the sudden, out of the blue, the Iranians thought, ‘Let’s let the Americans go. Let’s let them have spring break with their families.’”

She said White House duplicity about the payment and the American relationship with Iran makes the issue more painful for Americans.

“And the troubling thing, of course, is that the president won’t admit that it was a ransom, which is against American policy,” she said.

She said that although it is possible Obama could be telling the truth that it was necessary to pay Iran in cash, “when he hasn’t been transparent with the ransom business, it’s hard to accept his explanation on the currency.”

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