WATCH – Hannity Issues THIS Challenge to #NeverTrump Movement, It’s PERFECT!

Fox News host Sean Hannity rallied for Trump like never before in the form of a warning to all Hillary supporters and the #NeverTrump movement sweeping the nation. This warning could not come at a better time as November looms closer and with it the fate of America.

Hannity stated, “You know what I’ve been saying, I’ve said this to Jonah and Glenn Beck, if she wins based on your constant barrage of attacks and not telling the story of what the choice is, then they own her. They own her Supreme Court choices; they own her unvetted refugees…”

But what does Hannity mean by saying Hillary supporters own her?

If Clinton is elected, many Americans will suddenly find themselves out of a job, and political affiliation will mean nothing at that point.

The huge increase of both refugees and illegal immigrants will put millions of Americans out of work and prevent currently unemployed Americans from being able to find work.

The Second Amendment will be taken away and our right to bear arms will be nothing more than a distant memory.

Veterans will no longer have the care of the VA they deserve, having been brought down by the people chomping at the bit to get her into office.

Obamacare, a ridiculous joke of medical insurance, will remain intact, breaking our banks and fining us if we refuse to use it.

This #NeverTrump movement is a joke, and We the People need to follow Hannity’s example and protest it—loudly and often.

Because of Clinton and her huge mass of naïve followers, we will be rushed into an America unrecognizable to the one we know and love come November if this movement succeeds.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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