WATCH: Herman Cain Destroys Donald Trump Protesters

VIDEO: Herman Cain Just Made The Chicago Anti-Trump Black Lives Matter Protest Leaders Look Like Fools On National TV

ILLINOIS – Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain shut down Ja’mal Green (leader of the protests that shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago) and Trahern Crews (Black Lives Matter organizer) for claiming Trump is a racist. Cain said:

“They pick on the sound bites that some people are trying to project as the perception of Donald Trump, and it’s totally inaccurate and unfair. Donald Trump does not satisfy the definition of a racist or any of these other things that they’re putting out there. They are in denial that Donald Trump is someone who will be forceful in doing the things that are right for all Americans.”

Megyn Kelly called out Trahern Crews when the Black Lives Matter activist claimed that Donald Trump has said “Make America White Again.” Kelly told Crews:

“Donald Trump has never said that. That would have been big news. If you misrepresent the record, if undermines your whole argument.”

Herman Cain added that Trahern Crews was again participating in the Anti-Trump political noise machine.

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