WATCH – Hillary Asks Why She Isn’t ‘Up 50 Points’, Trump’s Response is EPIC

Hillary took to the stump on Wednesday asking her supporters why she was not up 50 points on Donald Trump yet? She begged for more support, but Trump had the answer she was looking for.

During his almost daily interview with Fox & Friends, Trump needed only three words to tell Hillary why she is struggling to gain support with voters… “Because she is terrible!”

Sounds simple because it is!

She touts a record of experience, but her record shows far more failure than success.

Then, of course, there are all the scandals she and Bill have been involved in over the years.

Hillary Clinton is fundamentally flawed and America is finally seeing through the smokescreen the mainstream media is putting out there and realizing the truth about her!

Add in the lies about her health and her refusal to submit to testing from a neutral doctor, and there simply is no reason for anyone to support this woman.

She doesn’t even realize when she insults people, and looking at one of her recent ads is proof positive when her ending line is “even for Republicans.”

Hillary says this trying to lure in Republican voters that have not yet decided about Trump, yet she uses a line like this!

Furthermore, her ad features known establishment politicians that don’t want Trump as President because they know he is going to blow up the system!

Trump had it right… Hillary is terrible!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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