WATCH – Hillary Attacks Trump For Losing Money, Let’s Remind Her About 1 Thing She FORGOT

Hillary Clinton must think We the People are complete idiots with extremely short memories. Her sarcastic quip about Donald Trump losing money 15 years ago, which he has earned back tenfold, is already coming back to haunt her.

While serving as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton was responsible for the management of the entire agency. Apparently, she was too busy flying around the world to tend to the programs and paperwork that lost $6 BILLION on her watch.

What kind of a ‘genius’ loses $6 billion because they forget to fill out forms?! A liberal one, apparently.

Also one that is not spending her own money! That’s right patriots, this was OUR money she was mishandling!

Technology is so not Hillary’s friend.

Did you hear anything about the scathing inspector general’s report, which detailed a lack of control, organization, and neglect within Hillary Clinton’s State Department?

Nope? Me neither. The mainstream media have been working overtime to protect the liberal elitist for years, but dedicated, passionate, and patriotic Americans are also on the job and have vowed to educate the public about Hillary Clinton’s fitness for office.

The epic mishandling of funds provided by American taxpayers is yet another reason millions are applauding Donald Trump’s alleged willingness to not turn over a dime more than legally required to the career politicians in Washington!

Only a career politician who has never deigned to function in the real world would not understand enough about how business works to comprehend the ebb and flow of profit and loss.

Sure, Donald Trump showed a substantial loss on his supposed old tax returns, but when you purchase a property and spend a lot of money to fix it up, especially if the property or properties have not yet opened or are still in their first few years of operation, a loss of profit occurs.

All of her lies, corruption, email shenanigans, and inept “experience” have now been laid bare before the American public.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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