WATCH – Hillary Blames Her Lies On Abe Lincoln, Trump SILENCES Her With 13 Words

The epic showdown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton we have all been waiting for definitely happened last night! Trump stood on a stage a few feet from Hillary and gave voice to all the questions that should have been asked by the FBI and mainstream media and what all patriots have wanted to shout at her for years!

“Now, she’s blaming the lie on the late great Abraham Lincoln. Honest Abe never lied. That’s the big difference between Abraham Lincoln and you!” Donald Trump said directly to Hillary Clinton during the debate.

Hillary Clinton was attempting to explain away the embarrassing revelations just revealed about her high-dollar Wall Street speeches during the heated on-stage exchange. Hillary was being questioned about telling her deep-pocket donors that politicians like her have two views on the issues—a public one for the voters and a private one reserved for supporters, lobbyists, and their fellow career politicians.

As career politicians typically do, Hillary Clinton engaged in polished double-speak and attempted to dodge the question about the excerpt from her Wall Street speeches. While she did reference how Abraham Lincoln and his secretary of state negotiated behind closed doors to accomplish a goal, she was indeed referencing her own actions and beliefs when stating she tells the public one thing and her cronies something else entirely.

Comparing herself to Abraham Lincoln was a very arrogant move. Making a similar comparison to JFK did not go well for Dan Quayle during the VP debate several years back.

Donald Trump might be blunt, brutally honest, crass, and proven to be a heterosexual male who makes some lewd locker room comments in private, but the man tells the truth. Hillary Clinton runs from the truth as if it’s chasing her like a pack of rabid dogs.

Trump took care of both the Billy Bush audio recording and taxes issues early on in the debate. He answered questions about both issues succinctly and effectively thwarted Hillary’s ability to attack him on those two insignificant issues for the remainder of the evening.

“We should get onto more more important and much bigger things,” Trump told Anderson Cooper after apologizing again for the comments to the NBC personality on a bus about a decade ago. Sorry liberals, your big plot to force Trump out of the race failed… again.

“It’s just words, folks, it’s just words,” Trump said during the questions about the audio recording. When further referencing the locker room talk, the Republican pointed out how Bill Clinton’s disgusting actions towards women surpassed mere words multiple times, and he noted how Bill’s enabling wife led the charge to attack and publicly demean the many women who have accused Bill of rape and sexual assault.

The potty mouth scandal, which was HEAVILY covered by the mainstream media on Friday, matters so little to We the People. What a man said while bragging about his prowess with the ladies a decade ago is just trivial and insignificant fodder for the media and liberals who loathe Trump anyway.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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