WATCH – Hillary Blames THIS For Terrorism – If People See This Video She’s DONE!

The killing of innocent people in the latest terrorist attacks, carried out by Islamic individuals, has been of great interest to American presidential nominees Trump and Hillary Clinton. America has already dealt with similar terrorism and there is a danger of those happening again in the future. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have shared their opinion on what this exactly means, which gave us a clear picture of the type of president we need in the upcoming elections.

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“Some will tell you that our open society is a vulnerability in the struggle against terrorism. I disagree,” Hillary said during a recent stump speech. She went on to blame terrorism on “less welcoming nations.”

Those words will likely come back to haunt the Democrat in the political polls taken after voters watched news coverage of the 84 bloody dead bodies lying on the streets of Nice, France.

Clinton has long blasted Donald Trump’s comments about the importance of securing the border, dealing with the millions of illegal immigrants already in the United States, and his call for a temporary ban on Muslim refugees due to the intensely flawed background check system.

“President Obama’s right, and it matters. It’s no coincidence that American Muslims have long been better integrated and less susceptible to radicalization than Muslims in less welcoming nations,” Clinton added.

There are currently about 3.3 million Muslims in the United States. There are about 5 million Muslims in France.

The man who drove the “assault truck” into the crowed of families celebrating French independence was a Muslim illegal immigrant.

The most recent carnage on the streets of France highlights just how much Trump was right about refugees and illegal immigrants posing national security risks.

Hillary recently doubled down on her vow to bring thousands of more Muslim refugees into America. Perhaps she will be pressured to “walk back” her plan for rolling out the welcome wagon for Muslim refugees in the wake of the Bastille Day attack.

“Once again it appears terrorists have struck at one of our closest allies in Europe,” Hillary said in a statement about the attack.

Hillary Clinton’s response to the terror attack in France was not identical to Barack Obama’s, but it was close enough to a lock-step mindset to wonder if the Democrats shared the same speechwriter.

“Every American stands in strong solidarity with the people of France,” Clinton also said after the Bastille Day attack.

Now the question remains, whether Clinton will be capable of preserving the country’s safety and well being, or if she is going to be a trigger for new Islamic attacks?

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