WATCH – Hillary Claims To Be ‘Pro-Women’, But Look What She Did to Bill’s Sex Victim on National TV

Hillary Clinton has set her campaign to smearing Donald Trump as an anti-woman misogynist. But people who were alive during the original Clinton Era are slack-jawed at the hubris of her claim that she is a champion of women.

A viral social media post of an interview Hillary Clinton did with ABC News’ Sam Donaldson exposes just how vicious Clinton is when it comes to protecting her political coattail. Calling the news of Bill Clinton’s 12 year affair with Gennifer Flowers nothing but “same kind of, ah, ah, ah, attempt to keep, ah, ah, keep the real issues of this country out of the mainstream debate where they need to be,” Clinton attacked Flowers like a jackal tearing into fresh meat. It is the same modus operandi she is using in her attempt to smear Donald Trump.

While this video is exclusive of her hatred for Gennifer Flowers, Clinton’s ire crosses the spectrum to include each and every women that has been sexually assaulted and/or manipulated by Bill Clinton. This video shows perfectly how sharp Clinton’s fangs can be.

Clinton is making a priority talking point of painting Trump as a knuckle-dragging, club-wielding Neanderthal who debases and denigrates women at will. This depiction is in gross contrast to the countless testimonies of women that Trump has aided, reached out to, and otherwise supported over the span of his lifetime.

But that isn’t stopping Clinton from smearing Trump for political gain. And she is attacking him with the same despotic vigor she attacked Flowers all those years ago.

“If someone is willing to pay you $130,000 or $170,000 to say somethin’ and you get your 15 minutes of fame; you get your picture on the front of every newspaper, and you’re some failed cabaret singer, ah, who doesn’t even have, ah much of, ah, resume to fall back on – and what’s there she’s lied about, you know, that’s the daughter of Willy Horton as far as I’m concerned,” Clinton hissed to Donaldson. “It’s the same kind of, ah, ah, ah, attempt to keep, ah, ah, keep the real issues of this country out of the mainstream debate where they need to be.”

Keep in mind that Clinton used a southern drawl inflection during this interview. Whether it was on purpose in order to affect a more innocent persona is debatable. Nevertheless, she used the “accent,” one that seems to appear disappear and then reappear when the cause fits her needs.

Clinton has cherry-picked retaliatory statements made by Trump in response to personal attacks leveled by the likes of Rosie O’Donnell, a caustic and outspoken partisan Progressive who routinely demonizes those who disagree with her politically while feigning victimhood.

She has also gone as far as to cultivate a connection to disgraced Miss Universe Pageant Alicia Machado, a former Ms. Venezuela, who has been reported to have threatened a judge with murder in a case revolving around a murder charge involving her ex-boyfriend. It is reported that she acted as a “getaway” driver for that event.

Machado, who is rumored to have had a child with a notorious drug cartel kingpin, has made unfounded accusations that Trump demeaned her personally. There are no witnesses to this “demeaning,” so it remains an unfounded accusation. But that didn’t stop the Clinton campaign from presenting it as fact.

That Hillary Clinton is attempting to smear Donald Trump with unfounded allegations of misogyny is a testimony to the fact that Clinton has no platform that the American people are willing to consume. When examined, her policies and platform items prove to be demonstrably Socialist, globalist, and a continuation of the fundamental transformation of our country away from the American Dream and toward national government dependency.

So, deflect, Hillary, deflect all you can, because when your record is exposed and your policies and platform are examined, you are outed as a lying, establishment Progressive politician who glad-hands her way through life feeding from the taxpayer funded trough of government in an effort to enrich yourself and your cronies, all the while destroying freedom, liberty, and opportunity wherever it exists.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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