WATCH: Hillary Clinton Calls For Border Walls And Deportations…In 2006.

As surprising as it might sound, there was once a point in time where Hillary Clinton sounded almost identical to Donald Trump when it came to America securing its southern border. As late as 2006, Clinton, who was then U.S. Senator from New York, was calling for border walls, deportations, and an increase in the number of agents patrolling America’s border with Mexico.

“Mexico is such an important problem,” Clinton said during a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations in 2006. “The Mexican government’s policies are pushing migration north.”

“There isn’t any sensible approach except to do what we need to do simultaneously,” Clinton continued. “Secure our border–with technology, personnel, physical barriers if necessary in some places. We need to have tough employer sanctions, incentivize Mexico to do more.”

Clinton went on to add that if immigrants have committed “transgressions of any kind” that they should be “deported.”


Secure our borders? Commit additional border patrol personnel? Erect physical barriers? Deport those who commit crimes? Hillary almost sounds reasonable here. Of course, Clinton has since changed her positions, as such a reasonable approach to border security would put her out of step with the Democratic party.

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