WATCH: Hillary Criticizes Terror Sponsoring Nations…That Contribute To The Clinton Foundation

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has some tough words for nations that allow their citizens to fund terrorist organizations.

“It is long past time for the Saudis, the Qataris, and the Kuwaitis to stop their citizens from funding extremist organizations,” Clinton said at a campaign event in Cleveland, Ohio.

That’s all well and good, but there’s one little problem with Clinton’s tough talk: all three of those countries are major donors to her foundation.

As we reported yesterday, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait have donated tens of millions of dollars to The Clinton Foundation. Essentially, the of the former secretary of state and her family has been subsidized for years by nations she acknowledges allows their citizens to fund terror operations.

In total, at least seven nations that promote radical islamic fundamentalism have donated vast sums of money to The Clinton Foundation. Below are the amounts given, as reported on The Clinton Foundation‘s own website:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia $10-$25 Million Homosexual acts

punishable by

death, torture,

and/or chemical


-Requires male guardians in public.

-Women prohibited from driving.

-Enforced sex-segregation.

State of Kuwait  $5-$10 Million Prosecuted under

the “debauchery”

law with jail time

up to 6 years

State of Qatar  $1-$5 Million Homosexual acts

punishable by

death or


Women face discrimination in law and in practice, and were inadequately protected against violence within the family.*
Sultanate of Oman   $1-$5 Million Homosexuals face

up to 3

years imprisonment.

Despite constitutional guarantees of equality, women continue to face discrimination in law and practice.**
United Arab Emirates   $1-$5 Million Homosexual acts

punishable by death

All Emiriti women must have a “male guardian”
Embassy of Algeria $250-$500 Thousand Homosexuals face

fines and


Government of Brunei Darussalam   $1-$5 Million Homosexual acts

punishable by death

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