WATCH – Hillary Fan Rants Against Trump, Gets SHUT DOWN with 1 Perfect Question

When you watch the arrogant young man spouting nonsense at the beginning of this viral video, you might get the urge to smack him. But, there is no need to resort to violence folks, the public humiliation he is suffering is punishment enough.

“Let me tell you something. None of Trump is American,” the arrogant young man said to a reporter, wagging his finger. He listed the many immigrants in Trump’s family. The reporter replied with, “All of these people moved here legally though?”

 “All of his family, all of his wives, everything of him, is immigration,” this young man said.

It had to be difficult for the reporter to be polite and allow the young man to finish making a fool of himself. Let’s break this down.

Yes, Melania Trump, was born in Yugoslavia (this area is now called Slovenia), but she immigrated here legally and has been a full citizen since 2006! Liberals, especially their pups, don’t tend to traffic in facts – fantasy land suits their narrative far better.

He then behaves even more like a petulant child, leaning towards the female reporter to ask if Trump is trying to kick out his parents and his wife. Both of Donald Trump’s parents passed away more than a decade ago — deporting them is not an option even if they needed to be (which they didn’t!). Once again, Liberals and facts do not mix.

“His children, they aren’t fully American is he going to kick them out?” The reporter said no, but I’d like to add that all five of the Trump children were born in the United States and remain citizens. They are fully American, and Trump would say so about anyone with their heritage!

When the reporter replied, a brief moment of shock spread across the young man’s face.

“So…you’re saying…because……….” Yes, you uninformed twit, that is what Donald Trump and the rest of us are saying. The welcome mat is only being rolled up in an effort to deter ILLEGAL immigrants. Everyone who wants to legally immigrate to this country to contribute to it’s values and economy are welcome!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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