WATCH: Hillary Gets Stunning Surprise During CNN Interview, Furious Afterward

They used to call it the “Clinton News Network” because of its fealty to the Clinton family. However, even CNN is getting off the bandwagon now, chastising Hillary Clinton for self-evidently false statements the Democrat front-runner has made about her personal email server scandal.

In a report done in conjunction with that aired last week, CNN host Jake Tapper revealed that Clinton had lied profusely about whether her private email server was allowed.

“As I’ve said many times it was absolutely permitted and I did it and it turned out to be a mistake. It wasn’t the best choice,” Clinton had said during an interview.

However, a skeptical Tapper made it clear that wasn’t the case.

“Was Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for official business while she was secretary of state ‘absolutely permitted?’” Tapper rhetorically asked. “No — that’s not true.”

“She says that because she permitted herself and there was no one absolutely prohibiting her,” he explained. Yes, when one permits oneself, one usually gets permission for most things.

Tapper had asked her about just that last October.

“It was allowed under the rules of the State Department, and, again …” Clinton said.

“So nobody signed off on it?” Tapper asked.

“No, no,” she responded. “It was allowed.”

You can watch the fact checking video about Clinton’s lies here:

While Clinton could send emails outside of the State Department system, those emails had to be preserved and turned over to the State Department at the time of her departure.

“Clinton did not provide the State Department with the emails from her private server until 21 months after she left office,” Tapper noted. “A federal judge in a lawsuit involving Clinton’s emails said that she failed to follow ‘government policy.’”

Wow. While one doesn’t expect CNN to jump eagerly on the Trump Train any time soon, one thing seems certain — they’re not going to be riding the Clinton caboose any more.

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