WATCH – ‘Hillary Groped Me’ Video Instantly Goes Viral for BRILLIANT Reason

One brave American veteran decided she needed to come forward and say something about Hillary Clinton’s treatment of women and the groping allegations being levied against Donald Trump. The end result gave birth to a shocking and now viral video.

“She just kept staring at my breasts the whole time,” libertarian-conservative journalist and military veteran Prissy Holly said about Hillary Clinton. “The next thing I knew she completely forced herself on me.” Prissy Holly’s tongue-in-cheek video mocks the lunacy and the timing of the Donald Trump groping claims perfectly.

The faux scenario between Hillary and Prissy played out inside an airplane bathroom. Holly hilariously details coming face-to-face with a woman who barged in behind her as she tried to use the facilities on the plane. The woman was clad in a pantsuit with massive shoulder pads.

The conservative journalist said she did not realize who the woman was until she grinned. Once she saw the “great big yellow teeth,” the identity of the career politician, Hillary Clinton, became readily apparent.

“She ripped my blouse,” Holly said through fake tears. “She put her hands up my skirt and just began groping me with her old lady talons.”

Holly begins the video by referencing how the accusations from Trump accusers helped her to also feel empowered to come forward and tell her story. Prissy’s story, like those of all the Trump accusers, could offer no show of proof about really old claims that had somehow been kept under wraps until only a few weeks remained until election day.

At the end of the hilarious political parody video, Prissy Holly encouraged the rest of Hillary Clinton’s groping “victims” to come forward. Social media responded rapidly and en masse.

The #HillaryGropedMe hashtag went viral almost instantly. Hillary Clinton said during a stump speech that all rape victims must be believed, and her words are now coming back to haunt her tenfold!

Not only were Hillary and Trump’s accusers relentless mocked, but so was CNN. The second-place cable news network is often referred to as the “Clinton News Network” due to the obvious bias for the Democrat career politician power couple.

It’s possible no better response has surfaced regarding the mediocrity and ridiculous side show the mainstream media constantly try to force feed We the People on a daily basis. We can all thank Prissy Holly for the reminder that not everyone is buying Hillary Clinton’s newest red herring.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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