WATCH – Hillary Has Another ‘Health Episode’ On Camera… This Could Change Everything

The presidential debate must have thoroughly zapped all of Hillary Clinton’s energy. That’s what happens when you struggle with stamina. When addressing reporters the following morning, the former First Lady once again had visible signs of possible health issues.

The “crazy eyes” were back just hours after Hillary left the debate stage.

And so was that bizarre bobble-heading Clinton is often shown doing on camera.

The mainstream media, once again, are continuing to ignore the underlying signs and symptoms of a possibly serious health problem.

The cross-eyed or erratic movement of one eye while the other lags behind or chases it is a common symptom of Parkinson’s disease.

The eye movement is just one of multiple possible tell-tale signs some medical professionals feel Hillary Clinton routinely exhibits.

The rapid fluttering of her eyelids is another potential sign the Democrat presidential candidate is not healthy or fit enough for office.

Hillary has spent more days off the campaign trail than on in recent months.

As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, she only “worked” for eight days during entire month of August.

Some of her workdays included just a few hours spent at a lavish dinner held in her honor, which doubled as a lucrative fundraiser.

While Hillary is resting up for the debates, Donald Trump has been on the campaign trail meeting with Americans and holding massive rallies on a DAILY basis.

If Donald Trump took eight days off, the mainstream media would wildly speculate about his health, yet they are content to ignore the obvious when it comes to their old pal Hillary.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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