WATCH – Hillary Holds Rally In Ohio, INSTANTLY Gets Humiliated

One would think that with the world’s most power propaganda machine (the American media) at its disposal, the Clinton campaign would have been able to sway just about every voter to their side—but that’s not the case. The mainstream media’s incessant coverage of everything sensational about Donald Trump isn’t stopping some from a demographic usually reserved for Democrats from calling Hillary Clinton out.

As the media and Clinton talked about sex audio tapes, a group of college students at Ohio State University protested outside a Clinton rally on their campus. They displayed signs calling Bill Clinton a “rapist” and brandished shirts that called for Hillary Clinton to go to prison.

This may come as a surprise to the Clinton campaign, but it’s not surprising to the many Americans who are done with corrupt government, a stagnant economy, high unemployment, and forced health insurance. Even the most traditionally dedicated Democrat demographic—18 to 24-year-olds—are turning against Clinton’s campaign.

College-aged Americans are realizing the progressive apparatus has manufactured an economic atmosphere that makes their college education worthless. While Democrats, socialists, and progressives spout off about “free college tuition” and “free college education,” 18 to 24-year-olds understand degrees means nothing if there are no jobs.

So, at Ohio State University, a group of students showed up to protest her candidacy, her policies, and her corrupt governmental practices. They also showed up to remind her that her husband’s past sexual assaults – and her subsequent actions to cover-up those acts and smear the accusers – are things they do not want from the first family.

While it is true that colleges and universities are ground zero for liberal indoctrination, there is a growing movement that is so upset with how far away from the people our politicians have become that they are looking for a “disrupter,” “wrecking ball” candidate to destroy the house of corruption career politicians have built. They see Donald Trump as that candidate.

Ohio State University student Trey Odell is refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton just because she’s a woman like so many of his peers who simply want to be “part of history.” He tweeted out, “Hillary is at OSU today. Going to go just to heckle her #HillaryForPrison.”

People like Odell realize that many were duped into voting for a “historical candidate” in Barack Obama only to find he was more of a corrupt politician than previous presidents. He, like his peers, realizes that candidates who have to resort to calling their candidacies “historic” have nothing else to offer.

Odell wasn’t the only one standing against the tide of progressivism on the OSU campus. Other protesters at the OSU rally gathered too. They carried “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” signs, wore “Hillary For Prison” shirts and waved flags, and some banners said “Come And Take It,” referring to their support of the Second Amendment.

At one point, the protest crowd began a boisterous chant of “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” It is unclear whether or not their chants were loud enough to be heard inside the rally.

This is the voting demographic shift the mainstream media isn’t telling you about. In fact, one could say this is the polling information the mainstream media are purposefully keeping from you. They do this in the hope that Trump supporters won’t realize they are not alone in traditionally Democrat strongholds; they do it to demoralize Trump supporters and steal the campaign’s momentum.

However, no matter how hard they try, the frustration and the anger the American electorate holds for elitist, progressive politicians is palpable—it is seething, and it has broken out into the open. This demand for change and the destruction of the status quo is fomented in support for Donald Trump.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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