WATCH – Hillary Insulted Stay-at-Home Moms In 1992, Now She Wants The Video HIDDEN

As the Clinton campaign struggles to maintain its many faces to its many politically scattered demographics, one voter demographic it likes to say is squarely in its corner might not be so. When an examination of Hillary Clinton’s past statements and deeds is cataloged, she has been quite brutal towards women.

In a video clip from 1992 that is going viral on social media, Hillary Clinton, when queried about her now questionable tenure at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas, seemed to kick stay-at-home moms right in the teeth. Responding to questions from reporters at a campaign stop in Chicago Clinton said, “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had tea, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession, which I entered before my husband was in public life.” This is a direct slap at women who chose to raise families.

For someone who claims to be in-tune with the average person, this is an incredibly unintelligent statement to have said. And for someone who claims to be a champion of women, the statement only served to divide the gender electorate into “us” versus “them” camps.

Clinton is a card-carrying member of the Progressive elitist club, a political movement that has so neutered the American economy through regulations and bureaucratic hoop-jumping that most Middle Class families need to have two incomes if, in fact, they are to maintain their economic level. Progressives succeeded in demonizing stay-at-home moms through the 1960s and 1970s through the feminist movement to misdirect from their economic agenda.

So, Clinton, under the guise of feminism in 1992, sought to fracture the female vote into those who understand the importance of raising a family and managing a household, and those who choose a career or family. While the freedom of choice regarding these two avenues for women should have been celebrated, Progressives, like Clinton, needed it to be a confrontational divide for political purposes.

Interesting in all of this is the part of her statement that had to do with her husband. Clinton stated she had decided to “fulfill” my profession even before her husband, Bill Clinton entered “public life.” This simply isn’t true. Once again, we see that Mrs. Clinton has a serial problem with telling the truth.

Bill Clinton was always in public life. He worked on the George McGovern presidential campaign directly out of law school and, but for his initial political defeat in a 1972 contest for a US House seat from Arkansas, has always been running for office. He was elected governor of Arkansas just 4 years after law school.

So, Clinton has once again manipulated the truth to manufacture a narrative benefiting her political agenda. Bill Clinton was always in “public life,” he was simply not elected, ergo, there was no “before my husband was in public life.”

Also interesting to note is this: If it wasn’t for Bill Clinton’s “public life”, his political career, there would be no Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. She has piggy-backed on his career from start to present. She is in the position that she is completely due to Bill Clinton’s coattails. She has neither the political demeanor nor the social acumen to have even been elected to the US Senate.

So, this “feminist,” this champion of women and feminist causes is a fraud. She hasn’t earned her current position; she is benefiting from the successes of her husband’s political career. As her lackey friend Elizabeth Warren would say, “She didn’t build this!”

As far as stay-at-home-moms are concerned – of which Hillary Clinton was not one – we can honestly say she didn’t even succeed in that. Just ask Chelsea’s nannies.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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