WATCH – Hillary INSULTS Every 9/11 Victim With THIS Nasty Move, She’s Disgusting!

Before Hillary Clinton collapsed and was rushed away from public view during the 9/11 memorial ceremony, she did something so disgusting even the most dedicated liberal elitists should forever shun her and refuse to cast a ballot in her name. The former secretary of state should be ashamed of herself!.

While EVERYONE else was standing silently and respectfully as the name of the 9/11 terror attack victims’ names were being read, she was talking, repeatedly, to the woman (likely a staffer) standing behind her.

Such a show of disrespect for the nearly 3,000 victims killed during the most horrific terror attack on American soil is tantamount to spitting on their graves.

Does Hillary Clinton not remember the dozens of people who jumped out of the windows of the Twin Towers to their deaths because they could no longer bear the heat from the flames burning just a few feet away?

Has she forgotten the brave actions by heroic Americans on Flight 93 who stopped the terrorists from ramming their plane into another target and killing even more innocents on the ground?

Can she not empathize with how desperate and panicked the parents hugging their children were as the planes they were flying in were used as bombs and crashed into the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon?

Or does she just not care?

Nothing, absolutely nothing, Hillary Clinton had to say was more important than standing silently for a little while as the names of the victims were read and their lives honored.

The career politician’s actions during the 9/11 ceremony laid bare her arrogance before the American people.

Not very presidential behavior, Hillary, not by a long shot.

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H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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