Watch Hillary MELTDOWN So Bad At Speech Last Night That They Had to Cut Off Her Mic!

This story by Paris Swade.

You will not see this on the mainstream media. She just returned to the campaign trail and is already having a little bit of a problem. Her cough didn’t go away at all.

She even tried to act all re-energized and probably thinks that she can play it off as a minor slip up until November.

*** But, then she started talking!

And the lies just forced their way out.

The microphone immediately cut off when she started coughing at the end. Did you catch it?

Here watch closely this time.

God. She is just choking on her own lies. Either that or she is still sick with pneumonia or something else.

Clinton has been desperate recently to hide her ailments and she is not going to be able to hide from them forever.

WHEW! We cannot wait for the next debate here at Liberty Writers. If she coughs then, she is over with.

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Thanks for sharing, patriots!

H/T: Liberty Writers News

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