WATCH – Hillary Pops Cough Drops During Ohio Rally, What Happened Next… WOW!

Is Hillary Clinton allergic to Ohio? It is long past allergy season in the Buckeye State—perhaps that debilitating walking pneumonia is flaring up again.

During her most recent stop in Ohio, Hillary Clinton was forced to pop throat lozenges while speaking at the podium in order to keep the chronic pesky cough at bay.

BEFORE Hillary took to the microphone in front of yet another small crowd, a gurney was wheeled backstage.

Several EMS workers shuttled backstage behind closed doors where Hillary was supposedly being kept.

The workers emerged after several minutes and quickly left the area. If the gurney and medical care were not ushered in for Clinton, why wouldn’t the campaign respond to questions about the incident?

If she is perfectly healthy, why did a gurney need to be kept at the ready?

The same question could be posed about her odd mode of transportation in her motorcade.

As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, images were published in the New York Times of a wheelchair in the back of the van, which readily appears to be the one Hillary had just stepped out of before making her way to a private fundraiser.

Hillary Clinton has been photographed entering and exiting the same black van many times since.

Donald Trump does not need wheelchairs and gurneys to be kept on hand when he travels on a daily basis to stand in front of large crowds for several hours.

Integrity matters, honesty matters, and yes, liberals, health and stamina matter too when running for the highest office in the land.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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