WATCH – Hillary Responds to NYC Terror Attack, People Instantly Notice Something Wrong…

As many of us were watching college football last night or enjoying a Saturday night with the family, several attacks happened, including the terror attack in New York City. Unlike past attacks, Hillary was quick to make a statement, but she may have been better off waiting.

As Hillary told reporters she had been updated on the New York and New Jersey attacks, it was quite obvious there was something very wrong with her…

Notice how she seems “out of it” and is speaking very slowly?

She also appears to be swaying a bit back and forth.

And the look on her face, at least to me, makes it more apparent she is not feeling very well at the time of this announcement.

Hillary looked as though she could barely stay on her feet, and that statement was in the early evening.

I mean, it is not like they woke her up at 3am to talk about this (but we already know she doesn’t answer 3am calls anyway!).

I really have to question, once again, how this woman will be able to withstand 20 hour days, 7 days a week, for the next four years if she is elected.

While I despise everything about Hillary, her health is an entirely different topic.

Win or lose this election, we need to make sure our President is in that office and doing his or her job.

We the People expect to have the winner of the election, barring something horrific, to be in that Oval Office, not some substitute that nobody voted for in the election.

With every passing day, it becomes more and more apparent Hillary is on her last leg, in both health and this election.

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