WATCH – Hillary Robs Elderly Woman, Promises to Pay Her Back – Then Robs Her Again

It has been proven that liberals will do anything and say anything to win an election. Whether the acts or statements are above board and simply disingenuous or nefarious and tantamount to criminal—whatever it takes, it will be done. This recent news about Hillary Clinton demonstrates perfectly how she is the liberals’ poster child for underhanded criminal behavior.

An 81-year old woman in Maplewood, Minnesota thought she was making a one-time $25 donation to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, but two months later, the Minnesota widow found out the Clinton campaign had bilked her out of almost five times as much in reoccurring credit card deductions.

It is one thing for a political campaign to destroy the truth on the campaign trail—politicians have been exaggerating and lying to the people since the last Founder died—but defrauding elderly widows by stealing from their bank accounts is a new low in politics.

The Minnesota widow, who goes by the name of Carol, admits she has always voted Democrat and she had planned to vote for Clinton in this election cycle—but the stealing of a portion of her limited income has rattled her conviction in this election cycle.

Had the Clinton campaign responded to initial queries about the multiple credit card deductions from Carol’s account, it is almost a given that she would have forgiven the campaign operatives for their “mistake” and perhaps even gone on to donate another $25 out of her already stretched budget.

However, the Clinton campaign stonewalled Carol and who appears to be her son. In fact, to date, they have only talked to one representative of the Clinton campaign, who promised the additional charges would be refunded and that no more charges would appear on Carol’s statement. That, as is everything Clinton, turned out to be a lie.

Even after a local news investigative team reached out to Clinton’s communications director and press secretary about the issue, the response was a deafening silence.

Every month, we here from mainstream media talking heads about the tens of millions of dollars the Clinton campaign is receiving from “small amount donors.” It is supposed to portray a campaign that is popular with rank-and-file, middle class Americans.

However, in the exposure of this criminal practice—unauthorized deductions from bank accounts through credit cards, which is tantamount to credit card fraud—we see that this “small amount donor support” is demonstrably less than the media are reporting. Using Carol as an example, we would have to assume that any figure stated by the media would have to be divided by five to be even close to accurate.

Not to mention, when you are talking about tens of millions of dollars lingering in an interest bearing account for two months, you are looking at huge accrual of interest monies into those accounts. Clinton is making interest on money she stole from small amount donors.

Hillary Clinton routinely talks about how she cares for the American people, especially the middle class, women, and seniors. She never misses a chance to pander to these groups for their votes.

Evidently, she doesn’t miss a chance to fleece them out of limited incomes either.

Think about that – and then think about someone doing that to your grandmother – when you go to the polls this November.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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