WATCH – Hillary TRASHES Police Heroes, So Mike Pence DEFIES Her With THIS Response

The mindsets of the two presidential campaigns couldn’t be more different. The policies, the approaches to current events, the political philosophies—they are both so incredibly, diametrically opposed it is stunning there are any undecided voters left. This juxtaposition is perhaps best seen in the campaigns’ approaches to racism and law enforcement.

While Hillary Clinton is pandering to the Black Lives Matter crowd for votes and trashing local police officers, the Trump campaign is making a stance for the rule of law and due process rights. The latter was made evident by vice presidential candidate Mike Pence when he said, “There’s been far too much of this talk of institutional bias or racism within law enforcement.”

As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to cause chaos in our city streets (chaos based on false narratives and ginned-up “facts”), the media are solely focused on the unrest. Their coverage of these events in Charlotte – as in Dallas and dating back to Ferguson – serves as a distraction from a discussion on each candidate’s policies and platforms.

With every network digging into their Rolodexes to find every last civil right activist to interview about the race-based unrest in Charlotte, precious days are ticking away until Election Day. With each passing day, we lose another opportunity to examine Hillary Clinton’s platform and proposed policies—all of which remain a bit of a mystery to the electorate.

Pence, in his statement about the violent BLM reaction to a manufactured story that is amounting to a legitimate use of lethal police force, sought to apply some fact-based reality to the matter. Using common sense and his Midwestern direct style, he pushed back against the disgusting comments issued by Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

“I truly do believe that the men and women who serve in law enforcement in this country, at every level, are the best of us,” Pence said when asked about Clinton’s statement and the events in Charlotte. “There’s been far too much of this talk of institutional bias or racism within law enforcement.”

Pence was, in part, responding to a one-sided, biased, and inaccurate statement issued by embattled the Democrat nominee, who abruptly cancelled a fundraising event in North Carolina after the unrest in Charlotte.

“Another unarmed black man was shot in a police incident,” Clinton said in a tweet. “This should be intolerable. We have so much work to do…Keith Lamont Scott. Terence Crutcher. Too many others. This has got to end.”

Of course, we now know that Keith Scott did exit his vehicle with a gun, and he did brandish the weapon at police after multiple and clearly articulated orders to stop his advance and drop his weapon. So, Hillary Clinton, once again, is either unaware of the facts or manipulating them for her political opportunism.

In fact, in almost every case cited by Clinton and BLM protesters, the individual shot by police possessed a weapon and failed to follow police orders to drop his weapon. In several instances, these individuals engaged in violent altercations with the police. These are the facts, and they are indisputable.

The idea of “institutional racism” in law enforcement’s lethal use of force has been debunked by a Harvard University study that concludes there is no evidence of racism in these events. White persons and black – as well as Hispanic, Indian, Native American, and Asian – are all equals in the way they are treated when it comes to lethal force at law enforcement’s hand.

So, this means the Black Lives Matter movement is a creation of liberal activists and political opportunists attempting to manipulate the media on the eve of one of the most important elections of our lifetime. And Hillary Clinton is leading that misleading parade.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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