WATCH – Hillary Will LOSE If Every American Sees THIS Viral Video

Hillary has the ability to twist and turn the truth to a point anyone leaning even slightly left believes she is telling the truth. But, when faced with actual proof, it will be hard to deny she is out to get the very people that are at the heart of the Democrat party.

A new video was put on YouTube documenting, in her own words, how Hillary will demolish the coal industry and its workforce.

Now, if you were watching during the primaries, you know the speech you just watched happened when she was courting the people of West Virginia.

And you would also know her words were met with crickets, as the audience mouths hit the floor at her blatant disregard for their way of life.

If fossil fuels are eliminated as a source of energy, as Hillary and Obama have made very clear is at the top of their agenda, thousands of people are going to be out of work very quickly.
Numerous states depend on these fossil fuels as a source of employment and their communities would be devastated if the mines shut down

This does not even take into consideration the business owners would go belly up, putting even more strain on the economy.

Furthermore, these people are already on the record saying they don’t want to learn a new trade, they want to be coalminers.

They like their life and do not want it upended so someone can make a check on their political wish list.

But, if Hillary is elected, everything they know and love will be taken from them forever.

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