WATCH – ‘Hispanic Women For Trump’ Come Forward, Reveal Why They LOVE Donald J. Trump!

In all the media hype surrounding an ancient and off-the-record, illegally produced audio tape of Donald Trump engaging in locker room talk, one major aspect of this presidential campaign has been left out of the news coverage. Latinos, but especially Latinas, are breaking in large numbers for Donald Trump.

In a BBC News segment posted to social media, the British news organization – evidently more concerned with accuracy in media than the American press – sat down with a group of Latina women to watch the second presidential debate. What they found out was that there is a true and core support for Donald Trump among that minority demographic. “I really felt like he was fighting for us,” said one Latina woman. “We need that.”

The American media are hell-bent on creating polling numbers that show Trump far behind Clinton with Latinos in the polling. However, day after day we witness a growing and dedicated support of Donald Trump among this demographic.

The pundits and the talking heads of the progressive lapdog media are quick to insist that all Latinos stand against Trump for his support of a border wall and because of false-narrative cherry-picked quotes they like to advance in their so-called news reports. But that false-narrative is lost on the Latino community.

“I’m supporting Donald Trump because I believe in his vision,” one Latina woman watching the debate told the BBC. “I believe he really, really speaks to the American people.”

With regard to the 11-year-old, illegally obtained and published audio of Trump using raw and disparaging language toward women, that same Latino woman insisted, “In regards to the tape, I think he absolutely put it to rest.” Isn’t it funny how the mainstream media don’t ask people like her about their thoughts on the issue?

In scene after scene, as displayed in the video, these Latino Americans applauded Trump in his taking on Hillary Clinton. At one point in the video, another Latina woman can be heard calling Clinton a “liar.” All of the women in the audience for the BBC interview thought her “nice” comment about Trump’s children was a “cop out.”

It should be noted—as it is never reported in the media—that an overwhelming majority of Latino Americans immigrated to the United States legally. They went through the full immigration process and the process of becoming naturalized as US citizens through legitimate channels.

This true immigrant Latino citizen demographic does not look kindly on those from Central Latin and South America who have gamed the system to be here. They resent those who have come to their new country illegally, demanding the same rights and privileges of citizenship.

Of Trump’s unwavering stance on border security and comprehensive immigration reform, one Latina women said, “In our society, we are all apologetic about everything. I mean it is so nice to see somebody stand up for themselves!” That’s what these women, Trump supporters all, believe he is doing.

“I really felt like he was fighting for us,” she said. “We need that.”

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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